Please leave the following items at home:

  • cell phones and electronic equipment
  • fireworks
  • pocket knives or other sharp objects
  • video games
  • two piece bathing suits
  • inappropriate clothing
  • pillow, sleeping bag, or other twin size bedding
  • flashlight
  • Bible, pen, journal
  • toiletries and towel
  • comfortable sneakers and flip-flops for the pool
  • modest, comfortable clothing (Bring enough clothing to account for active camp activities. You may need more than one change of clothes per day.)
  • modest swimsuit (two piece or extremely cut swimwear should not be worn)
  • bug spray and/or sunscreen

Dress Code:

Please note that Malaga Camp has a dress code which promotes a positive and distraction-free environment and encourages personal modesty.

  • One piece swimwear is required at the pool.
  • Clothing that exhibits values inconsistent with the Christian faith will not be permitted.
  • Clothing should promote modesty and respect: very short shorts, exposing tops, very tight clothing, or any clothing that exposes undergarments should not be worn.

What should I bring to camp?

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​​What should I leave at home?